Firmware changelog


New features & improvements

  • Option to provide WiFi clients with access to the network on the Ethernet port. This can be used to share an Internet connection with the audience. Please note that in order to maintain video stream quality, this connection has a bandwidth limitation: maximum 10 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload in total for the connected clients.
  • An extended number of wireless channels based on the selected country.
  • Better support for devices without battery.
  • HDMI OUT now supports audio (experimental – may not work on some devices).
  • Added security features:
    • Possibility to hide SSID (network name will not be broadcasted),
    • MAC whitelisting allows to control which devices can connect to the crowdbeamer device.
  • Possibility to block video streaming from the web interface.
  • A new API interface now makes it possible to control a crowdbeamer device from an external platform (contact us if you need to use this API).
  • Several smaller bug fixes.

Before you start any firmware upgrade process, make sure the crowdbeamer device is connected to the power grid.


This firmware release features a new web interface, making it easier than ever before to configure the settings of your crowdbeamer device.

This new crowdbeamer configurator includes a handy WiFi monitor visualizing the available channels, as well as a channel quality analyzer that lets you easily pick the right channel for your crowdbeamer device.

New crowdbeamer firmware - WiFi channel analyzer
New crowdbeamer firmware - WiFi channel quality

Other features & improvements include

  • AES/CCMP support for WPA2-PSK protection
  • Limitations on channel usage in 2.4GHz band have been removed
  • Disabled wireless bands are now indicated on the OLED display
  • Wired and wireless interfaces for IP addresses are now indicated on the OLED display
  • Long WPA2-PSK passwords are now readable on the OLED display
  • Several fixes
    • Minor fix in display detection
    • Fix fan operation in sleep mode
    • Fix timing for the display
    • Fix settings preservation during upgrades


New features & improvements

  • Completely new kernel
  • Robust recovery OS upgrade
  • Improvements on WiFi support
    • Support for 5GHz DFS channels
    • WiFi regulatory domain selection based on country selection
  • User data reset will set the SSID to be unique
  • Several fixes
    • Fix unwanted user data resets when in recovery mode
    • OLED IP display issues
    • random “Freezing execution” system crash
    • blank web pages after power failure

Download firmware v2018.06.01


New features & improvements

  • Hardware improvements
    • Better battery management, increasing reliability of the battery
    • Reduced fan noise, offering a higher use comfort during presentations
  • As from hardware revision H
    • Alerts can be set on fan error conditions and low battery mode
    • Alerts are announced by the device’s buzzer


New features & improvements

  • System settings can be restored from Recovery Mode in case the crowdbeamer device fails
  • If the device button is set to „Generate new WiFi key“
    • WPA2 protection is automatically activated
    • a warning is issued, informing the user that it will be required to reconnect to the device using the new key
  • Improved web administration interface
    • Output resolution options are sorted in numerical order
    • Tooltips provide user assistance upon mouseover
    • Factory reset button enables to restore the device to its initial state
    • Display of
      • current device temperature
      • current speed of built-in fan
    • Improved operational performance of device
      • Device IP address is shown on OLED display
      • Preferred input resolution has been changed to 1920x1080p30
      • Automatic frame rate adjustment ensures smoother playback
      • RGB888 is now used on the output side whenever possible
      • The built-in fan automatically stops each time the device enters into sleep mode

Firmware fixes

  • Correct battery status notification when device is turned off
  • New device configuration options are now properly merged with existing options during firmware upgrade
  • Fixed ESD resistance (e.g. occasional OLED freezes, rolling screen effect)
  • The automatic detection of the RGB color space now works as intended
  • The „Bye“ message no longer gets halted on the OLED display after powering off the device


  • Sleep mode
    • Lower power consumption
    • No video output and no streaming functionality
    • Possible options:
      • Never go to sleep
      • Go to sleep when there is no active input
      • Go to sleep when there are no clients connected
      • Go to sleep when there is no active input and there are no clients connected
  •  Autostart option (automatic POWER ON)
  • Customizable button function
    • Possible options:
      • Block output
      • Generate new WiFi key
      • None
  • Show WiFi client limit on OLED
  • EDID can be downloaded (for support purposes)
  • Possibility to set color space to fix color problem when using Apple devices through a splitter
  • The option to enforce the output resolution has been expanded with new resolutions


  • Option to hide the WiFi password on the OLED
  • Option to enforce the input‘s color space (auto, RGB, YUV)
  • Option to enforce the output resolution to 1920×1080 @60Hz or 1360×768 @60Hz
  • The Status page on the Web Interface updates faster (every 0.25 second)
  • Option to upload up to 5 bypass images and select one active bypass image
  • Detect and indicate invalid HDMI input resolutions on OLED with the message „UNSUP“
  • Broadcast stream reacts faster to input and output changes in some cases
  • The device no longer enters or leaves blocked mode randomly during ESD events
  • Semi-automatic firmware update is disabled when there is no Ethernet connection
  • When using displays with a higher native resolution than 1920×1080 @ 60Hz, the output is fixed at 1920×1080 @ 60Hz
  • WiFi channel selection is limited to valid choices only
  • Changing the WiFi client limit by registering does not need a restart anymore
  • Automatically update the Status page on the Web Interface every 5 seconds


  • Initial release