Installing the crowdbeamer app

To install the free crowdbeamer app on your personal device, simply select the operating system of your device below. You will be forwarded directly to the appropriate app store or download location.

iOS 10+

iOS 10+

iPad 2 & higher, iPhone 5 & higher



macOS Sierra


macOS 10 & higher, 64-bit processor



An app to turn content into personalized information

the crowdbeamer mobile app

The crowdbeamer app lets you focus on what’s relevant for you during any presentation. Using our free app, you decide which content to capture and how to enrich it with personal annotations. Whether it’s a simple snapshot or an entire presentation fragment, you can just as easily scribble comments, add notes, mark text, attach tags, … and build your private crowdbeamer library of personalized information. You can then share this information on social platforms, sync it to the cloud, or save it to your favorite note-taking app.

A clear view

Gone are the days when low projector quality or inconvenient seating delivered a poor experience during meetings or conferences. With the crowdbeamer app installed on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you always get the best view of what’s being presented.

Full control

The crowdbeamer app lets you effortlessly capture any screen content that presenters share, while avoiding information overload on your side. At any time, you can decide to capture whatever you consider to be relevant for yourself.


Don’t worry any longer about getting the latest version of any presentation content. The crowdbeamer app takes care of that, making sure that you will never have to spend time afterwards to find back that valuable content you captured during a meeting or presentation.